A Leadership Development Program for Managers

A customised Future Leaders Program that improves the skill set of current managers, and fast-tracks your company’s next generation of leaders.

Employee Wellbeing Program

No two organizations are the same, which means your reason for launching a leadership development program will be unique. It’ll depend on where your company is right now and where it sees itself in the future.  We work with you to roll-out a program that will engage managers, because having great managers helps drive engagement across your organization. Our Future Leadership Program is based on three elements:

Cognitive Skills

Add value to automated systems & intelligent machines.

Interpersonal Skills

Operate fluently in fast-paced digital environments.

Leadership Skills

Adapt and embrace new ways of working and technology.

Three core elements

Critical thinking and logical reasoning

  • Structural problem solving
  • Logical reasoning
  • Seeking relevant information
  • Understanding biases

Communication and storytelling

  • Storytelling and public speaking
  • Asking relevant questions and curiosity
  • Active listening and intellectual humility
  • Emotional intelligence

Mental flexibility and creativity

  • Creativity and imagination
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Translating knowledge to different concepts
  • Ability to absorb new ideas and add value

Developing relationships

  • Kindness, compassion and empathy
  • Being trustworthy and building trust
  • Humility
  • Sociability and ability to connect

Mobilising people and organisations

  • Organisational awareness
  • Crafting a vision
  • Inspiring with purpose
  • Win-win negotiations

Inclusive Teamworking

  • Fostering cultural inclusiveness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Energising and empowering others
  • Coaching and collaborating online and offline

Self-awareness and wellbeing

  • Understanding own emotions and triggers
  • Self-motivation and continuous learning
  • Integrity and self-confidence
  • Self-control and wellness

Greentrepreneurship and innovation

  • Courage and risk-taking
  • Driving sustainable change and innovation
  • Challenging status-quo to improve the environment
  • Passion and optimism for a zero-carbon economy

Goal achievement and persistence

  • Ownership and decisiveness
  • Grit and determination
  • Coping with uncertainty
  • Achievement orientated

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