Protected Disclosures in the Public Sector

This online Protected Disclosures in the Public Sector course will explain the protective legal framework for protected disclosures in Ireland.

1 Module
Online Assessment
1 Hour

What you'll learn

​Introduces the topic of whistleblowing and the importance of raising genuine concerns

Outlines the circumstances under which employees are protected as whistleblowers

This course covers

What is Whistleblowing?
  • What is “whistleblowing”?
  • Why is it important?
  • Why do whistleblowers need protection?
Whistleblowing: Protected Disclosures
  • Who can make a Protected Disclosure?
  • What is a Protected Disclosure?
  • Stepped Procedure for Disclosure


Obligations on Public Service Employers
  • Policy 
  • Annual Reports


Whistleblower Protections for Protected Disclosures
  • Protection from Dismissal
  • Protection from Penalisation
  • Tort Action for suffering Detriment
  • Protection from Civil Liability
  • Protection from Criminal Liability
  • Anonymity


Whistleblowing – Special Cases
  • Law Enforcement
  • Security, Defence, International Relations and Intelligence
  • Amendments of Garda Síochána Act 2005
  • Amendment of Ombudsman (Defence Forces) Act 2004


Incentives and Disincentives
  • Incentives
  • Disincentives
  • Mandatory Reporting

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