An LMS designed for frontline workers

Fit2Trade’s LMS helps your employees get the knowledge and competence they need to get-up-to-speed, meet compliance obligations, and develop themselves as they progress.

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LMS by Fit2Trade

Maximize Training Impact with Fit2Trade's Advanced Educate Learning Management System (LMS)

Fit2Trade’s Educate Learning Management System (LMS) provides an advanced and user-friendly platform for organizations to streamline their training processes. Optimized for both efficiency and engagement, our LMS ensures effective delivery and management of a wide range of compliance and professional development courses. With a focus on intuitive design and robust functionality, Fit2Trade’s LMS is the ideal solution for companies seeking to enhance their training strategies through innovative technology.

Simple interface makes learning easy for Employees

Watch Anytime, Anywhere

Employees can watch from any internet enabled device

Online Assessments

Online Assessments check knowledge transfer



Content can be customised so it's relevant to their role

Great First Impressions

New starters get their Induction on day one

Bite-size Modules

Short modules get to the point quickly without gimmicks

Mobile Learning

Content designed to be viewed on mobiles

Certification Awarded

Online Certification can be downloaded

One Click Login

Simple login means employees get to learn faster


Learning Paths

Employees can complete courses sequentially


Employees can contact support with any queries

Managers can track Progress and Compliance quickly


Audit-ready Reporting

Run and export reports that show you what you need


Custom Course Creation

We can create customised content for your retail brand

Your Organisation Structure

We build your org chart into the portal for you

Manage Users Easily

Simple to edit, add, archive or remove user details


Export or import content


Practical Sign-Off

Practical sign-offs can be completed by Assessors


Full Partner Support

We work with you as your Training Partner

User Friendly

Manager area is beautiful and simple to use


Dashboards by Department

View progress by Department

Branded Portal

We build you learning portal to reflect your website

Assign Content

Easy to assign content to new and existing users

Zero IT integration

Hosted by Microsoft, no work for IT

Certification Expiry Dates

Certifications expire in line with regulations

Feature Development

We work with you to develop features you want

Get compliance training that works.

fit2trade’s online compliance solutions make learning easy for employees and less work for HR, L&D and OH&S managers.