Customized digital induction for your frontline workers

We create a seamless, immediate and consistent onboarding experience for your new starters.

Onboard new starters with ease

Are you tired of spending hours onboarding new hires, only to see employee turnover remain high? Fit2Trade has the solution. Our platform saves organizations thousands of hours by turning your existing onboarding program into a digital experience that can be accessed from anywhere. All new hires get the same consistent, high-quality experience on their first day, regardless of location. Not only does this create a brilliant first impression, it also helps to reduce employee turnover. With Fit2Trade, you can streamline your onboarding process, save time and effort, and improve retention all at the same time. Say goodbye to the hassle of in-person onboarding and hello to a more efficient and effective process with Fit2Trade.


We take your existing induction documentation and process and create an online induction that all employees will complete on day one.

Employee Handbook online


We take your Employee Handbook and turn it into a digital module. Employees read the handbook and answer questions to confirm their understanding.

Policies & Procedures course online


We take your Policies and Procedures and turn them into bite-size modules. Employees read the policies and confirm their understanding.

Onboard new starters at the touch of a button

fit2trade’s onboarding programs make induction easy for employees and less work for HR and training managers.