Digital Routines and Checklists

Get real-time visibility of the completion of all H&S checks. We digitize your paper Daily, Weekly, and Monthly checks so they’re completed on mobile.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly checklists.

Our Digital Health & Safety Checklists are more than just a tool; they’re an integral part of your safety strategy. They provides a streamlined, efficient, and accurate approach to health and safety management, empowering your team to focus on what’s most important – maintaining a safe and compliant workplace.

How Digital Routines work


We digitize your existing paper H&S checklists, or create ones for you.


Checks are assigned to sites and set to recur Daily, Weekly or Monthly.


Employees complete the Digital Checklist adding photos and comments.


Managers get alerted to any flagged safety issues which need resolving.

Corrective Actions

When employees flag an issue from a Digital Checklist, they can add comments, snap photos from the device and the system creates an open Corrective Action. The Manager can send the issue to Maintenance, Facilities, The Safety Manager, or log a ticket on an existing system. Once it’s resolved, the Manager marks the Corrective Action as closed.

Why Digital Checklists are better for your business.

Digital checklists offer several advantages over traditional paper checklists, particularly in the context of Health and Safety. Key benefits include:

Enhanced Efficiency and Flexibility

Digital checklists can be updated in real-time, ensuring that all team members have access to the most current information. This dynamic nature eliminates the inefficiencies associated with distributing and maintaining physical copies of checklists.

Accountability and Traceability

The Fit2Trade platform offers advanced tracking capabilities, recording who completed each task and when. This feature enhances accountability among team members and provides a clear audit trail for monitoring progress and reviewing project history.

Accessibility and Convenience

With digital checklists, team members can access critical information from any location, at any time, using a variety of devices. This level of accessibility is vital for teams that operate across different time zones or locations.

Environmental Sustainability

By reducing the reliance on paper, digital checklists contribute to environmental sustainability efforts, aligning with the corporate social responsibility objectives of many modern businesses.

Reports and Dashboards

Get real-time visibility of checklist completion via Dashboards. See an overview of completion across your estate via the Routine Matrix Report (pictured). View any completed routine in detail for the past 7 years should you need to prove that a question was answered.

medical report 1

Improved Compliance

Automatically updates records for real-time tracking. Generates comprehensive reports for audits and compliance.

medical report 1

Increased Efficiency

Reduce paperwork and manual entry, saving time and resources. Automatically alerts Managers to any corrective actions required.

medical report 1

Mobile Accessibility

Employees can complete checklists from mobile devices. Offline functionality for areas with limited internet access.

Digital Checklist examples

Health and Safety

Daily H&S Floor-walk
Weekly Manager Checks
Monthly H&S Audit
Quarterly Safety Meeting


Loss Prevention

Weekly Banking Checklist
Monthly Shrinkage Checks
Quarterly Business Audits
PED Compliance Checks


Managers Weekly Ops Checks
Promo Campaign Changeover
Regional Manager Visits
Brand Audits


On-boarding Checks
Probation Checklists
HR Audits
Employee Exit and Off-boarding

See how Digital Routines can enhance your operation.