The complete paperless workplace safety solution

We digitize safety. Because no safety culture was ever created with a ring binder and a laminated poster.

Fit2Trade’s Safety & Health Solution brings risk-mitigation into the 21st century. We digitize the Safety Statement, bring Risk Assessments to life with our Online Job Safety Training modules, and give you real-time evidence that employees have the skills, awareness and competence to work safely.

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Digital safety statement

Get real-time evidence that all employees have read the safety statement for their location.


Risk assessments digitized

Employees complete the relevant bite-size Job Safety Training on any device.


Annual audits completed

We complete your Annual site audits and corrective actions, then upload the results.


Schedule H&S routines

Get real-time visibility that daily, weekly and monthly safety checks have been completed.

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Observation recording software

Employees can easily flag hazards and maintenance issues from the portal.


Incident & Accident reporting

Employees can easily record the details of incidents, accidents and near misses.

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Corrective Actions management

Flagged issues become Corrective Actions for Managers to resolve.


Record Safety events

Record fire drills and learnings, evacuations, and scheduled safety meetings.

Take the guesswork out of how compliant you are

Ensure legal compliance

If you’re a multi-site business, Fit2Trade’s Ensure system helps you meet your regulatory safety obligations.

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Real-time visibility

With our intuitive ePortal, you can view live compliance data by location, from wherever your location is.

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Audit-ready reports

Ensure gives you live reports that prove to authorities that your employees were trained on all hazards.

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Safety & Health in the Workplace - the law


The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970

Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace. OSHA gives workers the right to see information that employers collect on hazards in the workplace, the right to know what hazards are present and how to protect themselves.

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Directive 89/391 – OSH “Framework Directive”

The employer’s obligation is to ensure the safety & health of workers in every aspect related to work and may not impose financial costs to the workers to achieve this aim. The employer shall ensure that each worker receives adequate safety & health training.

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The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005

The act states that employees receive, adequate health, safety and welfare training including, in particular, information and instruction relating to the specific task to be performed and measures to be taken in an emergency.

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United Kingdom

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA)

The act stated that one of the general duties of employers to their employees, is the provision of such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of his employees;

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We create your digital, site-specific, safety statements

The online safety statement is deployed to all employees. You see real-time data on who read and signed it.


We create, digitize and deploy your SOPS to all employees

We write your Safety Policies and Procedures, then deploy them to all employees to read and declare their understanding.


Visually interactive risk-assessment software

Short, relevant, bite-size modules communicate to employees the hazards and control measures in your risk assessment.


Aggressive Customers

Complaint Handling


Wrongful arrest




Wet mopping

Covid 19 Infection


Personal Health


Eye Injury/Strain

Lone Working

Manual Handling

Work Related Stress



Stock handling





Knife handling


Fire Extinguishers

Hand trucks



Broken glass


Slips, trips & falls


Scan first. Learn fast. Work safe.

Provided stickers are placed strategically for certain hazards. Employees scan the QR code to learn. They’re auto-logged in to their account, complete the JST and get certified.


Job Safety Training (JSTs) - bring risk assessments to life

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Location specific

Employees only complete the JSTs for the location they work in.



The software auto-applies the JSTs, so you don’t have to.


Simple access

Employees watch on any internet-enabled device.

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Knowledge checks

Online quizzes ensure knowledge transfer has occurred.


Real-time tracking

View JST completion by location, JST or employee.


Total control

We add new JSTs as new hazards are identified.

Ready for a better way to train?

We conduct your annual Health & Safety Audit

The audit is an expert assessment of your H&S policies, systems and procedures to ensure employees or visitors safety, health and welfare.


Corrective Actions management software

Our cloud-based CAPA management system allows organizations to ensure identified corrective actions are logged, tracked and actioned on any device.


Mobile first safety observation software

Employees capture observations and hazards quickly, at the touch of a button, to encourage engagement and foster a culture of safety.


Get compliance training that works.

fit2trade’s online compliance solutions make learning easy for employees and less work for HR, L&D and OH&S managers.