A fully digital Safety Management System

Ditch the paper, ring-binders and spreadsheets. Fit2Trade’s intuitive safety management system makes compliance easy to achieve and maintain.

Revolutionize Your Safety Management with ENSURE

Embrace a new era of workplace safety with Fit2Trade’s ENSURE, the ultimate paperless safety solution. We’re pioneering the digitization of safety culture, leaving behind outdated methods for a dynamic and effective approach.

Advanced Safety & Health Solutions for the Modern Workplace

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Digital Safety Statement Creation

Proof of Compliance at Your Fingertips

Discover our real-time digital safety statements, ensuring every employee is informed and compliant with location-specific safety guidelines.

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Risk Assessments Digitized & Revamped

Interactive and Accessible to all Employees

Our platform offers engaging, bite-sized Job Safety Training modules accessible on any device, enhancing the risk assessment experience​.

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Comprehensive Annual Audits

Streamlined and Efficient

Fit2Trade’s ENSURE system streamlines annual site audits and automates corrective actions, uploading results for effortless management and closure.

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Reduce Incidents and Accidents with our Proactive Safety Measures and Tools


Digital Health & Safety Routines

Real Time Visibility

Remove paper with out Digital Routines. Stay ahead with real-time updates on daily, weekly, and monthly safety checks, ensuring ongoing vigilance in safety practices​.

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Near Miss Reporting Software

Prevent Future Incidents

Enhance safety oversight with our near miss reporting tool. This feature enables all employees to swiftly document of close-call incidents, fostering a proactive safety culture.

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Observation & Hazard Reporting Software

Easy to Use for All Employees

Enable employees to quickly report hazards, from any internet enabled device, or pro-actively nominate colleagues, fostering a proactive safety environment.

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Easily Report Incidents and Accidents to the Board and Authorities


Incident & Accident Reporting Software

Ditch Paper and Spreadsheets

Quickly and comprehensively, capture, manage and investigate all incidents and accidents. Data and Dashboards make reporting to boardroom and authorities easy.

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Event Tracking & Recording Software

Enhance Accountability

Ensure that every regulatory visit and inspection is recorded in detail across your estate, offering real-time tracking and updates.

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Effective Corrective Action Management

Track and Close Issues

Efficiently manage corrective actions with our system, turning flagged issues into actionable items for management resolution​.

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Compliance and Reporting Made Simple for Safety Managers

Ensure legal compliance

If you’re a multi-site business, Fit2Trade’s Ensure system helps you meet your regulatory safety obligations.

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Real-time visibility

With our intuitive ePortal, you can view live compliance data by location, from wherever your location is.

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Onboard Gig Workers

Audit-ready reports

Ensure gives you live reports that prove to authorities that your employees were trained on all hazards.

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