The Compliance Solution for Early Childhood Ireland Members

Our portal makes compliance simple, reduces risk and protects your reputation.

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For Managers / Owners of Settings, getting started is simple.

Step 1

Account enabled.

Contact ECI, who will add you to the Portal.

Step 2


Login here to access your courses, dashboards and reports.

Step 3

Add Employees.

Give your Employees access by going to Manage > Add users.

Training. Compliance. Wellbeing. All in one easy-to-use portal for your Early Years Setting.



Compliance training program

Online compliance training courses designed for Early Years providers to cover your legal requirements.



Employee wellbeing program

Online employee wellbeing courses that show your team that you care for their mental and physical health.

Ensure - Digital Health and Safety portal


Engagement and Communications

Stay up to date with news. Access Member benefits, see current vacancies in the sector and view useful resources.

Over 3,500 Early Years Providers choose Fit2Trade because...


All employees are trained, so you’re compliant with the Heath and Safety at Work Act.

Demonstrate Food Hygiene compliance to Environmental Health Officers.

Reports to show to TUSLA that you’re compliant with the Safety and Health at Work Act.

Train all employees on Paediatric First Aid, without sending them on a physical course.

Demonstrate to insurers that you’re compliant with legislation.

We work with TUSLA to create the courses on CAPA, Registration Renewal, Feedback and Concerns.

Over €1,000 worth of training, per employee, in your setting.

Elevate: An employee wellbeing program

Delivered via the Elevate section of the portal. Employees can elect the courses or modules they wish, and can complete them in confidence.

Healthy body

Healthy body

Courses that help employees look after themselves physically.

Positive mental health

Healthy mind

A range of courses that help employees with positive mental health.

Healthy citizens

We give people skills to do good for society and others.

Healthy work

Healthy work

We help employees develop resilience, dignity and balance.

Additional Skills based programs also included

Personal Skills

Critical Thinking
Effective Communication Skills
Effective Time Management Skills
Emotional Intelligence At Work
Organisational Skills
Presentation Skills
Problem Solving
Teamworking Skills

Management Skills

Challenging Conversations
Communication Skills
Conflict Resolution
Dignity at Work
Diversity Inclusion and Belonging
Unconscious Bias
GDPR Toolkit For Managers

Computer Skills

Excel Skills
Outlook Skills
PowerPoint Skills
Word Skills
Microsoft Teams
Windows: Complete User Guide
Cyber Security

We make it easier to Manage Safety

web development


Manage, export and print certifications to meet regulatory requirements.



Track and report on member progress from your own user-friendly dashboard.

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Enjoy a secure learning portal hosted by Microsoft that requires no integration.



Add, edit and remove users easily. We build your org chart into the portal.