The Complete Digital Compliance Solution for Hotels

Ensure compliance. Train Employees. Record Incidents, Accidents and Near Misses. All in one simple-to-use portal designed for Hotels.

A solution designed to make the role of Hotel Manager easier.

Increase mandatory compliance

Remove training expenses

Reduce incidents & accidents

Lower insurance premiums

Our Fit2Serve Compliance Solution for Hotels brings risk-mitigation into the 21st century. We digitize the Safety Statement, bring Risk Assessments to life with our Online Job Safety Training modules, and give you real-time evidence that employees have the skills, awareness and competence to work safely. Fit2Serve is the dedicated solution for Hotels by Fit2Trade.

Compliance. Training. Wellbeing. All in one easy-to-use portal for your Hotel.

Ensure for Nursing Homes

H&S Management System for Hotels.

Get visibility of compliance from anywhere. We digitise safety management, saving you costs and reducing risk.


Compliance & Hospitality Courses

Online compliance and hospitality training courses designed for Hotels to cover your legal requirements.


Employee Wellbeing Program

Online employee wellbeing courses that show your team that you care for their mental and physical health.

Over 200 Hotels choose Fit2Serve because...

You get a Safety Statement specific to your Hotel saving you time and money.

You get our proven H&S Digital Routine Checks that reduce incidents and insurance.

All employees are trained on the hazards, risks and control measures.

Demonstrate Food Hygiene compliance to Environmental Health Officers.

Reports to show to regulatory bodies that you’re compliant with the Safety and Health at Work Act.

Easily track incidents, accidents and near misses with a fully-automated digital tracking system.

Train all employees on Food Hygiene and Fire Safety without sending them on a physical course.

Demonstrate to insurers that you’re compliant with legislation.

Hotel Safety Score

Get an overview of Safety at a glance. Safety Courses, Incidents, Audits, H&S Routines, Corrective Actions, Safety Statement.

Safety Score for Hotels
Safety Statements for Hotels

Digital Safety Statement for your Hotel

The online safety statement we write is deployed to all employees. Get peace of mind with real-time data on who read and signed it.

Risk Assessment Software

We turn Risk Assessments into digital JSTs. Short, relevant, bite-size modules that communicate to employees the hazards and control measures.

Hotel Risk Assessments

Alcohol Licensing and Bar Operation
Allergen Management and Cross-Contamination Prevention
Balcony and Terrace Safety
Bed Bug Prevention and Pest Control
Broken Glass/Crockery
Child Safety (play areas, cribs, high chairs)
Coffee Machine / Cafe Boiler
Cold Room / Cold Storage
Compactor / Baler
Compliance with Accessibility Regulations
Concierge and Guest Service Desk Operation
Deep Fat Fryer
Dishwasher / Glass Washer
Driving for Work
Elevator and Escalator Safety
Emergency and Evacuation Procedures
Event and Banquet Facility Management
Extractor Hood

Food Delivery
Food Processor
Food Safety and Hygiene in Hotel Kitchens
Furniture and Fixtures Safety
Grill / Griddle
Guest Privacy and Data Protection
Guest Room Safety and Security
Guest Transportation and Valet Service
Handling Raw Meat
Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems
Hot and Cold Food Counter Operation
Hot Objects
Housekeeping Operations
Landscaping and Outdoor Amenity Safety
Laundry Service Safety and Hygiene
Loading / Unloading

Maintenance of Exercise Equipment
Maintenance of Structural Integrity
Natural Disaster and Severe Weather Preparedness
Oven / Hob
Parking and Garage Safety
Racking and Storage
Roll Cages
Room Service Operation and Delivery
Slicer / Shredder
Spa and Fitness Center Safety
Standing for Long Periods
Storage and Handling of Guest Belongings
Swimming Pool Operation and Maintenance
Utility Services and Energy Management
Water Quality Management in Public Areas
Wet Hand Work

Near-Miss Reporting Software

Capturing and safety observations and near misses enables you to implement preventive measures.

Incident and Accident Management for Hotels

Incident & Accident Management

Efficiently report and manage all Incidents & Accidents. Enables simple reporting to the Health Service and Insurers. Streamline your response and processes for a safer Hotel.

Digital Routines and Checklists

Get real-time visibility of the completion of all H&S checks in your Hotel. We digitize your paper Daily, Weekly, and Monthly checks so they’re completed on mobile.

Health and Safety Routines for Hotels
Corrective Actions for Hotels

Corrective Action Management

Our cloud-based CAPA management system allows Hotels to ensure identified corrective actions are logged, tracked and actioned on any device.

Engaging Modern Courses

Your employees complete courses and quizzes on any device. Once the course is complete their Certification is awarded and available to view.

Care Home employees complete courses on mobile

A wellbeing program for all of your employees

Delivered via the Elevate section of the portal. Employees can elect the courses or modules they wish, and can complete them in confidence.

Healthy body

Healthy body

Courses that help employees look after themselves physically.

Positive mental health

Healthy mind

A range of courses that help employees with positive mental health.

Healthy citizens

We give people skills to do good for society and others.

Healthy work

Healthy work

We help employees develop resilience, dignity and balance.

We make it easier to Manage Safety

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Manage, export and print certifications to meet regulatory requirements.



Track and report on member progress from your own user-friendly dashboard.

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Enjoy a secure learning portal hosted by Microsoft that requires no integration.



Add, edit and remove users easily. We build your org chart into the portal.

Fit2Serve is used and trusted by these Hotels

Days Inn by Wyndham
Ramada by Wyndham
Cashel Palace
Clonakilty Park Hotel
Connacht Hospitality Group
Great National Hotels & Resorts
Hayfield Family Collection
The Cliff Group
The Wright Group
Mespil Hotel

Pricing for your Hotel

Increase compliance. Reduce insurance premiums. A business case your Finance Director will love.

Monthly price = (# of locations x €99) + (# of employees x €2)

*a location is each address that your business operates from.

**your number of employees is your typical headcount. You don’t pay for new starters who replace leavers.

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