Health and Safety Courses

Meet regulatory obligations with our Health and Safety Courses courses. Designed for mobile so your employees can complete them anywhere.

How Fit2Trade works

Fit2Trade’s Health and Safety courses offer a vital and comprehensive learning experience designed to enhance workplace safety standards. The courses cover a wide array of topics including, Manual Handing, Fire Safety,  Emergency Procedures, First Aid and Food Safety. Aimed at fostering a culture of safety, these courses provide essential training for employees and management, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to identify, prevent, and respond to health and safety issues effectively, ensuring a safer and more secure work environment for all.

Fit2Trade’s Health and Safety program offers customizable courses to suit the unique needs of different organizations. These courses can be delivered through Fit2Trade’s Learning Management System (LMS) or as a SCORM package, allowing for seamless integration into existing training platforms. This flexibility ensures that organizations can effectively train their staff in compliance areas relevant to their specific industry and regulatory requirements.

Get compliance training that works.

fit2trade’s online compliance solutions make learning easy for employees and less work for HR, L&D and OH&S managers.