Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Course

This course teaches learners about their safeguarding responsibilities and how to protect vulnerable adults. It explains how to spot abuse and the full procedure to deal with it, so that all adults can be kept safe from harm.

20 Lessons
Online Assessment
1 Hour

What you'll learn

Understand why safeguarding vulnerable adults training is so important for everyone within your organisation.

Have an awareness of which adults are most at risk and which factors increase the likelihood of being at risk from harm.

Know more about the different categories of abuse, plus the potential warning signs associated with each type.

Understand how to respond appropriately to a disclosure from a vulnerable adult and know what to do next.

Know how to report any concerns that you may have.

Understand what happens in the safeguarding process after a referral to adult social care has been made.

This course covers

  • Defining safeguarding and safeguarding key principles
  • Who is a vulnerable adult
  • Case studies
  • Why training is important.
Types of abuse
  • Different types of abuse
  • Examples
  • Scenarios
Reporting concerns
  • Your responsibilities
  • Why some people don’t take action
  • Who to report to
  • What to do if the report isn’t taken seriously
  • What to do if the concerns are about a professional
  • When to report a concern
  • Checking existing reports
  • What you should report, after reporting, and recording information
Why vulnerable adults are at risk
  • What is abuse
  • Who commits abuse
  • Factors that increase risk
  • Mental capacity
Responding to a disclosure
  • Failing to disclose
  • Discovering concerns
  • Responding to a disclosure
  • Recording a disclosure
  • Reporting a disclosure
  • Whistleblowing
After a referral
  • Adult social care
  • Strategy discussions
  • Protection plans and reviewing a protection plan
  • Closing a protection plan

Course Detail

Online Delivery

Fully online course with no time limits. Multiple online assessment attempts allowed.


This course covers and complies with The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

Expert Trainer

Course and Assessment created and approved by a QQI Level 6 Fully Certified Expert Trainer.

Certificate Expiry

Course and Assessment must be completed every 3 years as per industry best practice.

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