About Fit2Trade

Discover the fit2trade platform – born in Ireland, exported Globally.

Welcome to fit2trade, where our proprietary platform is redefining the landscape of EHS and compliance training. Central to our ethos and offerings is our self-developed portal, a platform that stands as a beacon of innovation, security, and comprehensive learning solutions.

Our portal, entirely built, owned, and meticulously refined by our in-house team, serves as the cornerstone of our service. It encapsulates our commitment to delivering tailored, scalable solutions that cater to the nuanced needs of businesses and large organizations.

Within this platform, expertise converges with technology. Our dedicated team, comprising seasoned educators, IT specialists, and safety experts, ensures that every solution is not just a course but a step towards empowering your workforce with unmatched proficiency and insight.

Our focus

Digital Health & Safety Compliance: Our prime objective is to guide companies toward full compliance, making them aware of their legal responsibilities. This proactive approach shields both the company and its employees from potential violations, costs, and legal repercussions.

Cutting-Edge Regulatory Courses: We provide innovative online courses that enhance employees’ understanding of their work environment. These courses cover safety, job training, and awareness of non-compliance consequences. Designed for accessibility across devices and user expertise levels, our aim is to expedite the compliance process, ensuring 100% adherence.

Talent Retention and Employee Development: Beyond compliance, we focus on employee growth and retention. Our extensive range of courses, constantly updated and crafted by industry experts, supports companies in selecting and scheduling the most suitable training for their employees. This ensures maximum engagement and learning effectiveness.

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