Annual Health & Safety Audits

The Health and Safety audits are expert assessments of your H&S policies, systems and procedures to ensure you’re compliant and operating safely.

The ENSURE Audit Methodology

At Fit2Trade, we believe that a safe business is a successful business. That’s why we’ve developed the ENSURE Safety Management System Audit, an all-encompassing approach designed to maintain and elevate the safety standards within your organization. Our ENSURE audit is meticulously crafted to cover every aspect of your business, ensuring peace of mind for you, your employees, and your customers.

Consistent Audit categories across sectors



E - Environmental Management

Our audit begins with a thorough assessment of your environmental management practices. We examine your waste management strategies, resource efficiency, and pollution control measures to ensure your business operates in harmony with the environment.

  • Waste Management: Proper disposal and recycling practices.
  • Resource Efficiency: Use of energy, water, and other resources.
  • Pollution Control: Measures to prevent air, water, and noise pollution.
N - Necessities (Workplace Facilities)

We evaluate the essentials of your workplace facilities, focusing on hygiene, cleanliness, facility maintenance, and accessibility. Our goal is to ensure that your premises meet the highest standards of safety and comfort.

  • Hygiene and Cleanliness: Sanitation practices, cleaning schedules.
  • Facility Maintenance: Upkeep of the physical workspace, repairs, and renovations.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring easy access and accommodation for all employees and visitors.
S - Safety Management

Safety management is at the heart of our audit. We review your safety policies, incident reporting mechanisms, and the visibility and clarity of safety signage to ensure a comprehensive and proactive safety environment.

  • Policy and Documentation: Availability and updating of safety manuals, procedures.
  • Incident Reporting: Systems for reporting and documenting accidents or near-misses.
  • Safety Signage: Adequate and clear safety signs throughout the premises.
U - Utility (Equipment) Safety

We scrutinize the safety of your equipment and utilities, including regular inspections, maintenance routines, and the adequacy of operational training. We also assess the accessibility and functionality of emergency shutoff systems to safeguard against unforeseen events.

  • Inspection and Maintenance: Regular checks and servicing of machinery and equipment.
  • Operational Training: Training for employees on proper equipment use.
  • Emergency Shutoffs: Accessibility and functionality of emergency shutoff systems.
R - Risk (Hazard Control and Emergency Preparedness)

Our audit identifies potential risks and evaluates your emergency preparedness. From hazard identification to emergency protocols and continuity planning, we ensure that your business is prepared to handle any situation effectively.

  • Hazard Identification: Processes to identify potential risks in the workplace.
  • Emergency Protocols: Evacuation plans, emergency contact numbers, first-aid availability.
  • Continuity Planning: Strategies to continue or resume operations during/after an emergency.
E - Employee Training & Competence

Finally, we assess the training and competence of your employees. Our audit examines skill training programs, performance evaluations, and awareness initiatives to ensure that your team is knowledgeable, skilled, and ready to uphold your business’s safety standards.

  • Skill Training: Regular training sessions on various aspects of the job, including H&S aspects.
  • Performance Evaluations: Assessments to ensure employees are competent in their roles.
  • Awareness Programs: Programs to keep employees informed about health and safety issues.

How we score the Health and Safety Audits




0 – 50%


Requires immediate intervention and comprehensive measures urgently.


51 – 74%

At Risk

These sites are in a critical zone where action is needed as a priority.


75 – 84%

Attention needed

A bright signal indicating the need for caution and further focus.


85 – 94%


Signifying safety and good health, these sites are on the right path.


95 – 100%


A shining example of excellence and commitment to safety.

The Fit2Trade Difference

At Fit2Trade, we don’t just audit – we partner with you to create a safer, more efficient workplace. Our ENSURE Safety Management System Audit is more than a checklist. It’s a commitment to excellence, a journey towards an impeccable safety culture, and a promise to uphold the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

Ready to take the next step in your business's safety journey?