Incident & Accident Management

Efficiently report and manage all incidents / accidents with our comprehensive software. Streamline your response and processes for a safer workplace.

Digitize your Incident and Accident reporting

Fit2Trade’s Digital Incident & Accident Management Software is a comprehensive solution to streamline the handling of workplace incidents, ensuring a more efficient, accurate, and timely response.

How Incidents & Accidents work


Employees can log essential details of any Incident/Accident quickly, from any device.


The type of I/A, injured persons, location, witnesses and a description are captured.


Managers can choose to ‘Escalate’ an I/A, adding all the details that Head Office require.


Safety Managers can review the I/A and report to OSHA, HSE, HSA if needed.

Why Digital Incident & Accident reporting helps

One of the primary benefits is the centralized reporting and documentation feature, which allows for immediate recording and categorization of incidents, ensuring that no critical information is lost or mishandled.

Enhanced Data Accuracy and Integrity

The Fit2Trade system minimizes human error in data entry and record-keeping, ensuring that incident and accident reports are precise, consistent, and reliable. This accuracy is crucial for analyzing incidents and implementing effective preventive measures.

Real-Time Reporting and Response

Our platforms enables instant reporting and notification of incidents, facilitating immediate response actions. This swift communication can be pivotal in mitigating the impact of an incident and initiating the necessary medical or safety procedures without delay.

Comprehensive Data Analysis and Trend Identification

The system comes with robust analytics tools, allowing organizations to systematically analyze incident data. This analysis can reveal underlying patterns and risk factors, enabling the management to implement targeted preventive strategies and improve workplace safety proactively.

Streamlined Compliance and Documentation

Digital incident and accident management system simplifies the process of maintaining records in accordance with legal and industry-specific regulatory standards. Automated documentation and easy retrieval of records streamline audits and ensure transparency and compliance with legal requirements.

Get Incident and Accident Reporting that works.