Customer experience visits and data driven learning

Our Evaluators measure the instore experience and training modules are deployed to bridge the identified gaps.

One of the challenges with traditional mystery shopper programs is that there’s no improvement plan, just more measurement. And as any farmer will tell you, you don’t fatten a pig by weighing it. At Fit2Trade we have a team of certified Evaluators who complete the visits and report on their findings. Once trends are identified, we create and deploy training modules, to stores that need them, to help to deliver improved customer experiences. We close the loop to give you a completely data driven customer experience improvement program.

We measure your store against our WOW system that covers the three key phases of the customer journey; the Welcome; the Offer; and the Win. Overall the benchmark is; Did the store provide an Amazing customer experience.



We measure the quality, speed and genuineness of the initial welcome.

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Did the employee ask open questions and present a solution maximising upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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Did the assistant win your loyalty at the till by adding value and/or offering your customer loyalty club.



Was this an Amazing Customer Experience that you’d proactively tell friends about.

Get compliance training that works.

fit2trade’s online compliance solutions make learning easy for employees and less work for HR, L&D and OH&S managers.