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innovative employee benefits

Innovative employee benefits can give you the competitive edge. Employers in today’s competitive hiring marketplace have to do whatever they can to attract new talent. In a recent survey from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce about the state of hiring, three in five small business owners are recruiting new workers, a big increase in the last year. Some businesses are looking for new, creative employee perks to help their recruiting efforts. Here are some of the most innovative work benefits worth offering.

Healthy Living Courses

Quality of life is becoming more important to American workers, especially a healthy balance of work and personal life responsibilities. Employers can support this practice by offering healthy living courses to their staff. Employees can explore various topics such as meaningful communication, financial literacy, cultural awareness, cybersecurity and more.

Yoga Sessions

Another great perk business owners may want to invest in for their company’s staff is a yoga program. Yoga helps improve different physiological functions and can give employees a way to manage stress. It also boosts your range of motion, improves the nervous system and reduces the risk of falling. 


Massage therapy is another great perk that some companies are offering to workers. Long days at the office can be stressful, and sitting in a chair all day long while working on the computer can lead to joint problems or hip pain. Business owners can give their workers some relief from typical aches and pains with workplace massage therapy sessions. Consider adding this perk to your office once a week to help your staff relax and feel better.

Nutrition Advice

The next perk to consider adding to your employee benefits program is nutrition counselling and wholesome snacks. Office workers may struggle with making healthy food choices during work hours when they’re stressed or busy working on a project. You can combat this problem and improve your staff’s well-being by providing sessions with a nutritionist and plenty of healthy snacks.

Mental Health Counselling

Mental health counselling may also help benefit your staff and make them more productive and happy in their roles. Free access to counselling sessions can give your employees better ways to manage relationships, family responsibilities, stress and anxiety. Offering sessions for mental wellness for free may also show your workers you care.

Team-Building Activities

If you have teams of workers that have to manage projects and collaborate, your staff may also benefit from team-building activities. Take time to schedule fun team-building events to boost relationships. Make sure you take plenty of pictures for in-person or virtual events so you can share the experience online through your company’s social media page. This helps your staff stay more connected, and shows the world more about your company culture. To help keep image ratios consistent across platforms, find the best online image size converter to ensure your pics always look great. After instantly resizing, you can upload your images to your preferred social media accounts. 

Flexible Hours

The last in-demand perk to help your company hire the best people is a flexible schedule. The trend in today’s hiring marketplace is flexibility with more job offers for remote work. You can also create a hybrid schedule that gives your staff options to come into the office. Flexible scheduling allows your workers to avoid burnout and take care of their life responsibilities so they can continue to do their best work.

Your business can elevate its recruiting strategies by looking at employee benefits in a new way. Think of more ways you can make your staff’s lives easier and more enjoyable by providing these unique perks.

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Written by Courtney Rosenfeld from Gig Spark

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