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Competition Law

This online Competition Law course will help employees fulfill their legal and ethical responsibility to guard against breaches of antitrust and competition laws.
1 Module
Online Assessment
1 Hour

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will understand Key concepts of competition policy and economics.

Definition of the relevant market.

The abuse of a dominant market position.

Public and private enforcement of competition rules.

EU competition law rules.

This course covers

What is Anti-Trust and Competition Law
  • The regulation
  • How Antitrust and competition laws and regulations ensure healthy competition in the open market.
Dealing with customers
  • Key elements of antitrust and competition rules and regulations concerning dealings with customers.
  • Exclusivity agreements.
  • Anti-competitive agreements.
  • Pro-competitive arrangements.
  • Abuse of a dominant position.
EU Competition Law
  • Recent fines.
  • How does EU Competition Law affect you?
  • What can the EU Commission do?
  • Can individuals be held responsible?
Dealing with Competitors
  • Consequences of entering into anti-competitive agreements.
  • Price fixing.
  • Sharing markets.
  • Comparing pricing.
  • Bid collusion.
  • Real-life examples that illustrates the consequences of including anti-competitive language in an internal communication.

Course Detail

Online Delivery

Fully online course with no time limits. Multiple online assessment attempts allowed.

Expert Trainer

Course and Assessment created and approved by a QQI Level 6 Fully Certified Expert Trainer.

Certificate Expiry

Course and Assessment should be completed every 2 years as per industry best practice.

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