Dignity at Work Course

This online Dignity at Work course provides employees with the knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to work in, and promote a dignified workplace.

21 Lessons
Online Assessment
1 Hour

What you'll learn

Define bullying, harassment and sexual harassment.

Describe your role in promoting a dignified workplace.

Know how to respond to inappropriate behaviour.

Be able to respond promptly and sensitively to complaints.

This course covers

  • What is Bullying?

  • Bullying in the Workplace

  • How and Why Bullying happens

  • The Impact of Bullying

  • 11 Signs of Bullying

  • 20 Subtle Signs of Bullying

  • Recognising Bullying

  • Dealing with Bullying

Sexual Harassment
  • What is Sexual Harassment?

  • Unwelcome Conduct

  • Sexual Harassment and the Law

  • Examples of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

  • Employer Responsibilities

  • What is Harassment?

  • Harassment and the Law

  • The Impact of Harassment

  • Examples of Harassment in the Workplace

Course Detail

Online Delivery

Fully online course with no time limits. Multiple online assessment attempts allowed.

Expert Trainer

Course and Assessment created and approved by a QQI Level 6 Fully Certified Expert Trainer.

Certificate Expiry

Course and Assessment should be completed every 2 years as per industry best practice.

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